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Brazos River Train Rides & Petting Zoo

Waco, TX

Brazos River Trackless Train  can travel just about anywhere because it does not require a track. Our trackless train can operate on just about any flat surface, asphalt, paved surfaces, grass, etc. The train can operate on most residential streets, at parks, and schools. Our train cannot operate on large hills. If you live on a hill, make sure to let us  know. We will let you know if  we can operate in that situation. Brazos River Trackless Train is recommended for Level Ground Only.

Our Trackless Train usually travels between 5 and 9 mph.   It operates at slower speeds based on weather conditions, route conditions and crowd conditions.

Brazos River Trackless Train  will seat all ages from 0 to 100 years old. Small Children ages 0 to 3 year old should ride with a adult. The minimum height requirement for children to ride alone is 37”. Any child under that height will need and adult to accompany them.

Brazos River Train rides will provide a trained driver. The Trackless Trains comes with three cars and can hold up to 18 people.

Brazos River Train Rides & Petting Zoo


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