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Honest Discounts


The rising cost of healthcare is a major concern for many Americans. For millions of people, and their families, getting prescription medication can be a challenge. Honest Discounts helps people find affordable prescription healthcare at the lowest possible cost. By negotiating prices on behalf of their customers, Honest Discounts supports efforts that better the lives of Americans and help the Texas community get access to practical, affordable healthcare solutions. 

Honest Discounts Prescription Discount Cards are accepted nationwide in over 35,000 pharmacies. Simply fill out the form, get your personalized RX Prescription Discount Card, bring it to your local pharmacy, and save money.

Retail prices may be lower than the prices negotiated by Honest Discounts; if so, pay the lower of the two prices. If you are struggling and need prescription assistance for your family, Honest Discounts can help you get the medicine you need. Honest Discounts is not an insurance. Discounts Only.




Honest Discounts


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