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Painting with a Twist

1621 N Valley Mills Dr., Waco TX,
(254) 304-4727

Painting with a Twist® is the largest employer of aspiring artists in the country.  The company recognizes early on that the talents and enthusiasm of the staff were key elements to the success of the product in just five years.  Painting with a Twist®, along with our 190 franchise locations, has produced and owns the copyright to over 3,500 pieces of art.

Each Painting with a Twist® artwork was conceptualized and executed by the instructors with the idea of being an easy to follow piece of art for the inexperienced painter,  The artwork ranges from landscapes, abstracts and cityscapes, to creative renderings of seafood, animals, iconic buildings and  florals.

We have paintings for the young as early as age 7 to 10.  We offer parties from birthday and bachelorette parties to date nights and team building.  We can help you celebrate anything!

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Painting with a Twist


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