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Spotlight on Uptown Party Game Truck

Spectators are amazed when the 57-foot long, 10-foot high Uptown Party Truck pulls up at their event venue. With two 70-inch 4K TVs mounted on the outside of “the beast” as owners Michael and Michelle Meeks call it, it is a sight to behold.

But the real fun comes when partygoers enter the tricked-out trailer. Inside the belly of the beast sits limo seating, a driving simulator, party lights, five 50-inch 4K TVs, and all the gaming systems you could ask for. The truck can accommodate up to 19 gamers inside the trailer and 12 outside.

“We can go as simple as Mario Bros. to as crazy as Fortnite and Call-of-Duty,” Michelle Meeks said. “We tailor the experience to meet the clients’ needs.”

The couple first got the idea for this high-end gaming business from an episode of Shark Tank. Their business had evolved from event planning to a photobooth truck and they were looking for a new challenge.

“We noticed that a family in Waco was selling their [gaming truck],” Meeks said. “It was a blessing that they were so close.”

Because Uptown Party Truck was already an established business in Central Texas, the Meeks decided to keep the name.

“They already had a good clientele and connections, so it was nice that it was ready to go,” Meeks said.

In fact, the first month the couple had the truck in their possession, they attended events in Lampasas, Killeen, Temple, and Waco.

“It’s been steady with birthday parties,” she said. “And now we’re picking up some corporate events like customer and employee appreciation events.”

The gaming truck can be rented for an hour, and hour-and-a-half or two hours and can be customized to fit any event. Each session comes with the help of two gaming coaches who can show video game novices how to get the most out of their time in the truck.

“The coaches explain what a gaming truck is and teach them how to hold the remotes and play each game,” she said.

Uptown Party Truck can go anywhere as long as it can fit in front of your house or business. The truck even has a built-in generator that is self-powered and includes top of the line Central air condition.

To find out more about this gaming truck, visit www.nxlevelgaming.net/game-truck or find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/uptownpartytruck/.



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