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How to Take Picture-Perfect First Day of School Photos


Freshly sharpened pencils, brightly-colored backpacks, and shiny new shoes. You’ve worked hard to make sure everything is picture perfect so you can get the perfect back-to-school photos. These 5 tips will have your photos looking fit for Facebook in no time.

1. Find natural, shaded light.

The biggest mistake you can make is snapping your pictures inside your home with the lights on. Try posing them in front of a large window, on your porch, or finding a nice shady area next to a building. This will illuminate their faces while eliminating any yellow overcasts. Keep an eye out for any spots of bright light on their faces when shooting.

2. Fill the frame.

I like taking a few steps toward my child before taking the picture, as opposed to using zoom, because it maintains the high quality of the photo. Zooming in tends to lose detail if you’re not using a more professional camera.

3. Avoid the blur.

To make sure your pictures are crystal clear without using a tripod, you have two options. Make sure your children are still when photographing them or up your settings. You can change your settings by using an action mode, or if you’re using a fancy camera, by upping your shutter speed. Utilizing these options will allow you to capture great movement in your photos without the blur.

4. Get creative.

Try to think outside of the box when it comes to back-to-school photos. After you’ve snapped a couple of your kids neatly lined up, experiment with details and personality. A quick Pinterest search will yield hundreds of ideas, so take a few minutes and make a board of some ideas you want to try. Have fun and get creative!

5. Add the finishing touches.

After your kids have made it safely to their new classes and you’re back home, scroll through your photos. Think about adding a pop of color or some sharpness. Saturation and sharpness are two simple and effortless ways of taking your photos to the next level. Upping your levels and staying between 1 and 7 should do the trick.

Above all, remember to have fun and enjoy the moment! 

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About the Author

Marlo Renee

Marlo Renee

Marlo is a homeschool mom of three who loves documenting her days. She's a natural light photographer who specializes in childhood photography. Her family recently relocated to Texas and they enjoy meeting new friends and fishing. Marlo is the author of the website www.marloreneephotography.com where she offers even more tips on how to capture your memories in a beautiful way. 


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